Workshops in Digital and Film Photography

Dates: 6th to 11th March, 2017
Application Deadline: Wed 1st March 2017

If you live in Malta, but are not born here, and have an interest in improving your photographic skills, whether you are an amateur or whether you are already into photography, don’t miss the next Rima Photo Workshop from 6th to 11th March 2017! You will have the opportunity to refine your abilities while listening to the experience of three great photographers and their varied and passionate approach to the art of photography.

The Digital Photography Workshop will be led by the photographers Mario Badagliacca ( and Mohamed Keita (

The Film Photography Workshop will take place under the supervision of the photographer Zvezdan Reljic.  

Both workshops will be held at the Ede Books Studio, Sliema.  

Applicants will be given the option to apply for either one of the workshops, or both. In particular, the digital workshop aims to give the participants a comprehensive experience of the art and technique of digital photography, including technical aspects (shutter speed, exposure…), framing, archiving and post-production, while also taking into consideration the ethical dimension of utilising this medium. The film workshop, on the other hand, will provide an overall understanding of the art and technique of Black and White film photography, film processing and darkroom printing.

At the end of the workshop, the participant will not only gain a sound technical understanding of the process of photography as a whole, but more importantly, he/she will delve into the value of photography as an instrument of storytelling and how the medium could serve as a platform for personal expression and artistic pursuits. Moreover, each participant of the workshop will be given the opportunity to complete a photographic assignment of his or her own choice. The photographs taken by the participants will eventually undergo a selection process, as some of them could be eligible to form part of the RIMA exhibition, taking place in late 2018.

If you would like to participate in the workshops, please send us a motivational letter via email to to provisionally reserve a place. In your email, kindly specify whether you’d like to participate in just one of the workshops, or both of them.

The deadline for the submission is on 1st March 2017. Please note that since the number of places is limited, the participants will be selected by the organizers on the strength of their motivational letter.

The workshop is part of the RIMA project, which aims to enable the free and creative expression of people living in Malta but coming from elsewhere. Thus, the objective of this Photo Workshop is to allow non-professional photo lovers to explore any and all themes that capture their attention or imagination.

Participants are invited to bring their digital/analog camera. However, a certain number of small digital and throwaway cameras will be available during the workshop.  

Kindly note that, should there be a high number of applicants, the dates of the film workshop are likely to change and can be decided on the basis of personal appointment.