Resistence, Imaginaries, Migration, Art/Anthropology


Rima is an anthropological and artistic project born in 2014 aiming at exploring, rethinking and reshaping the multifaceted aspects of displacement, through a series of creative and multidisciplinary initiatives. Every project is made in collaboration with artists, scholars, and people who experieced migration and exile.


The first phase of the project focused mainly on the collection and recording of narratives of displaced people about their singular experience as well as the need of reconstructing a sense of home anew. In 2015 there was the first edition of a very successful film festival showcasing only movies directed by migrants in collaboration with Archivio Memorie Migranti (6-7th November); while in 2016 a series of theatrical workshops (already started in autumn 2015) led to a fully booked final performance (26-27th February 2016) with Maltese and non-Maltese actors ; finally the narratives and images collected were compelled in book “Undertow. Poetics of displacement” published with EDEBooks (Malta). The book launch was an event in itself with an immersive installation using words, artefacts and threads in the garden of Villa Frere, Pietà (16th June 2016).