• RIMA - Narrating (this) continuity – Migrants' stories
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Narrating this/continuity – Migrant stories

Rima * (n.f.)  plur. rimi
  - Swell, wake made by a vessel in motion
   - Rhyme

Rima is a Maltese word meaning the wake left behind by a boat on the surface of the sea. It evokes, then, something which happened in the past but whose effects we can still perceive in traces; a wire on the water which we can trace back to its origin. It also means, simply, ‘rhyme’ – the return of similar sounds though by different words.That’s why our project has this name. It aims to collect different narratives which however still originate from the same feeling of departure, detachment, settlement’s desire.

* thanks go to poet Adrian Grima for suggesting the title.