Migrants document their experiences with Rima\'s digital storytelling

Teodor Reljic - Malta Today, 1st October 2017

A series of workshops in digital storytelling hosted by the RIMA project invites migrants iving in Malta to learn how to tell their stories through new media platforms

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Finding your voice, away from home - Antonella Sgobbo & Malcolm Galea

by Teodor Reljic - Malta Today, 31st May, 2017

Teodor Reljic speaks to tutors Antonella Sgobbo and Malcolm Galea of the RIMA Creative Writing and Storytelling Workshop about why they found this creative writing exercise to be empowering and useful.

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Fixing the moment | Mohamed Keita & Mario Badagliacca

Teodor Reljic - Malta Today, 13th February 2017

Photographers Mohamed Keita and Mario Badagliacca speak to Teodor Reljic about how their experiences with documentary photography are shaped by political realities.

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Stories That Build Bridges

by Jo Caruana - Sunday Times, 21st February 2016

As the debate on migration remains on most people’s minds, Jo Caruana finds out why each migrant story needs to be told and meets two women planning to do exactly that.

Migration is the hot topic on everyone’s lips. From the on-stage questions asked by the play Lampedusa, currently showing at St James Cavalier, Valletta, to the daily struggles we watch on the news, migration seems to pose questions that nobody knows the answer to.

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Tangible Metaphors and a Pinch of Serendipity

by Teodor Reljic -  Malta Today, 14th February 2016

Rima: Encounter with migrant narratives will be the theatrical iteration of the Rima Project – an artistic and anthropological exploration of migrant narratives in Malta. We speak to director Marcelle Teuma about how she went about transforming the real-life stories of migrants gathered by the project coordinator into a theatrical performance taking place at the end of the month.

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Film Festival Sheds Personal Light on Migration

by Teodor Reljic 3 November 2015

Ahead of the RIMA Film Festival – part of a project focusing on migrant narratives and memory – we speak to two of the event’s participants, both of whom set out to add nuance and poignancy to the stereotypical political and media narrative on migration...

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